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In 1905 a piece of ground, adjacent to the main road (Jan Smuts Highway) to Pietermaritzburg, was purchased by Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه and placed into a Trust. The area was known as Rooikopjies. Initially a foundation was laid for a Musjid, but perhaps he foresaw the road widening that was to affect the site in time to come and he built a wood and iron Jamat Khana on the western side of the land, which was also used as a Madressa. A residence was built for the Imam and the Muezzin. The Northern end of this land was used as a cemetery which is still in existence. Thus this institution catered for the needs of the Muslims of the 45th Cutting and part of Mayville and Sydenham areas.

He placed a few of his Mureeds to see to the daily affairs of this institution while he supervised from time to time. Since it was on the way to the Westville Darbar he instructed Hadrath Yusuf Ali Shah رضي الله عنه to supervise also. Poor families were fed and their problems were attended to. Free burials were also provided to indigent families.

The following served here as Trustees:-

Hadrath Shah Goolam Hafiz Soofie رضي الله عنه

He was born in Ibrahim Pattan, Ratnagiri, India. He was the fourth son of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه and Zainab Bi Soofie رضي الله عنه . He first came to Durban in 1898. His early life was spent with his parents and close family members and the inmates of the Darbar at Riverside. He obtained his Islamic education at Darbar, Riverside in the famous Habibia Soofie Saheb Madressa.

He was married to Khairoonisa, the daughter of Hadrath Moulana Shah Abdul Latief Qadi رضي الله عنه , who passed away immediately after giving birth to her first child which was still-born. The death of his young wife greatly affected him. Not long after he married his cousin, Sara Bibi who was the daughter of Qazi Ahmed and Kulsoom Bi (sister of Zainab Bi, the wife of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه ). Three children were born from this marriage-Ayesha Bi, Amina Bi and Goolam Murtuza. He came to live at the Darbar in 45th Cutting in 1935. He improved the existing Jamatkhana. Ablution facilities were updated and a few rooms were built for travellers and visitors. He led the daily prayers and also assisted the teacher in the Madressa.

Hadrath Shah Goolam Hafiz Soofie رضي الله عنه was well trained as a hakeem having served and learnt under the guidance of the Hakeem at the Riverside Darbar. Thus he was able to cater efficiently for the medical needs of the community at 45th Cutting and was called by people at odd parts of the night for medical and spiritual help. This was done on a voluntary basis. He used to guide a few close friends and disciples who were interested in the path of spiritualism. Sundays and public holidays were akin to Eid days, when many people with families paid him a visit.

He was given the Khilafath (Deed of Succession) by his eldest brother, Hadrath Shah Mohamed Ebrahim Soofie رضي الله عنه , during the latter’s visit to Durban in 1950.

The following, among others, performed duties of Imam at the Darbar – Hazrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه , Mehboob Khan, Goolam Mohamed Miajee, Hazrath Shah Goolam Hafiz Soofie رضي الله عنه , Hadrath Shah Goolam Murtuza Soofie and his sons Shah Ahmed Zakir Soofie, Shakeel Ahmed Soofie and Anees Soofie. Hajee Yusuf Emammally also served here. Some of the Ustaads were Hadrath Shah Goolam Hafiz Soofie رضي الله عنه , Mehboob Khan, Goolam Mohamed Miajee and Shah Goolam Murtuza Soofie, the present trustee.

Meelad-un-Nabie and Gyarwin Shareef functions which were initiated by Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه in 1905 were continued by Hadrath Shah Goolam Hafiz Soofie رضي الله عنه . In 1953 Hadrath Shah Goolam Hafiz Soofie رضي الله عنه passed away after a short illness on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr after Maghrib Salaat and was buried at the 45th Cutting Darbar. Due to the large crowd that attended his funeral, the Zohar Salaat had to be performed twice – the first one led by Hadrath Imam Abdus Samad Qazi رضي الله عنه ( his brother-in-law) and the second by Hadrath Moulana Aboobaker Khatib رضي الله عنه .

Hadrath Shah Goolam Murtuza Soofie

His only son, Hadrath Shah Goolam Murtuza Soofie was appointed as Trustee and Sajjada Nasheen to maintain the duties at the Darbar, assisted by the disciples and benefactors.

He married Zohra, the daughter of Mr & Mrs Essop Moola of Ladysmith, Their sons, Zakir, Anees, & Shakeel assist in the adminstration. Hafiza and Amina are the daughters.

From 1960 the Muslim population in the area began waning because of the expropriation of land under the Group Areas Act. In 1976, the Jamat Khana/Madressa (which served for seven decades) and the family house were demolished for road purpose resulting in considerable loss of land. In 1978 a Jamat Khana was built.

In 1994 with the relaxing of the laws under the Government of National Unity the congregation increased as more and more Muslims settled in the area. Thus a mosque and a multi-purpose hall was constructed. It is appropriate that this project coincided with the Centenary Commemorations of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه after 90 years of service as a Jamat Khana. A hall was added in 1998.

This was the second Soofie Mosque to be built after the demise of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه in 1911, the first being at Kenville