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In 1905, a piece of land was bought by Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه at the corner of Glenearn and Sheringham Roads, (the area was known as Hartley Place) from one Shaik Ameer, who was a builder by trade, for forty pounds. He personally worked and supervised in the building of the Musjid and Madressa. A home for the Imam and the Muezzin was also built. Soon this institution fulfilled the needs of the local community in the immediate neighbourhood of Overport, Sydenham and even Mayville area. He placed one of his Mureeds by the name of Ebrahim Shariff to be in charge, with himself keeping a check from time to time. Ebrahim Shariff, a devoted Mureed of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه used to bring sundal, chadar, lowers and niaz with the members of the Overport community to be placed on the grave of his Shaykh in Riverside. This was done annually and was popularly known as “Overport ka Sundal”. Some of the Imams of the Musjid were :- Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه , Ebrahim Shariff, Shamshudeen, Juman, Kaloo Kamal Shah, Hadrath Shah Goolam Fareed Soofie رضي الله عنه , Sayed Abdul Hameed, Hadrath Shah Goolam Nizamudeen Soofie, Moulana Bux, Moulana Muneer Soofie, Sayed Mohamed Basheer, Hajee Goolam Mustapha Misri, Hadrath Shah Goolam Qutbudeen Soofie رضي الله عنه and Shah Abdul Gaffar Soofie.

Hadrath Shah Goolam Fareed Soofie رضي الله عنه

He was the youngest sons of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه and was born in India in 1903. He was the only son and child from his second wife, Haniffa Bi, who was from the same village as Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه . He was married to Ameer Bi, the daughter of Hadrath Yusuf Ali Shah رضي الله عنه ) of Soofie Musjid, Westville on 25 December 1926. According to the documents from the Department of Home Affairs, he first entered South Africa in 1909. He had five children- Goolam Nizamudeen, Goolam Qutbudeen, Abdul Gaffar, Aziza Bi and Arifa Bi. He received his basic Islamic education in the Habibia Soofie Saheb Madressa in Riverside. It was only in 1935 that he began to serve the community of Overport. He renovated the Musjid and Madressa. Education in the Madressa was personally taken care of by him with the assistance of the dedicated Ustaads. He readily assisted those who were in financial and other difficulties. He also helped people who came to him for spiritual guidance and medical assistance. He also catered for the deceased by providing ghusal, kaffan and after performing Janaza Namaaz, the deceased were taken to Riverside for burial. The institution was renovated and extended on several occasions during his lifetime. Many overseas and local dignitaries visited him. He performed the duties of an Imam and taught at the Madressa in the Overport Darbar for a number of years.

In 1972 ill health forced him to retire. His eldest son Hadrath Shah Goolam Nizamudeen Soofie was elected as Trustee and began to serve in the humble institution. Hadrath Shah Goolam Fareed Soofie رضي الله عنه passed away on 11 Rajab 1394 (7 August 1974) and was buried in Riverside.

Hadrath Shah Goolam Nizamoodeen Soofie

He received his education in the Darbaar in Overport under his father. He married Aziza Bi, daughter of Hadrath Imam Mustapha Qadi of cape Town. His only child, Muneer Soofie, qualified as an aalim and is based in Chicago in the U.S.A. He extended the Musjid, transferring the existing wudu khana to the side of the Musjid. He also renovated and beautified the existing minarets and domes of the Musjid. The overflow of worshippers is accommodated in the adjacent Madressa Hall.

Trustees that served here were: