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A Musjid, a Madressa and a cemetery were established in 1905 by Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه . An interesting history is connected with the purchase of the land on which the Musjid was built.

Hadrath Hafiz Shah Mohamed Hussain was born in Surat, a village (now a city) in Gujerat, India in 1878. He came to South Africa towards the turn of the century and settled in Tongaat on the Natal North Coast. During one of his visits to the Khanqah at Riverside he eagerly enrolled as a mureed (disciple) of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه in the Chistia Qadiria Order. His Murshed recongnised the thirst for Tasawwuf (spiritual knowledge) in this young man and at once accepted him in the Silsila (spiritual order).

In a few years, this man was a reservoir of spiritual knowledge and also a Hafiz of the Holy Quraan (memorized the Holy Quraan). He obtained the spiritual training from his Murshid (guide). In early 1900 Hadrath Hafiz Shah Mohamed Hussain رضي الله عنه was bestowed with a Khilafath Nama (spiritual deed of succession) and joined five others as Khulafas of Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه .

He married Hajra Bi Soofie رضي الله عنه , the daughter of Hazrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه in 1905. Being the eldest daughter of a noble father, she was showered with gifts especially gold jewellery. After the Nikah (marriage ceremony), just before she could depart for her new home with her husband, she complained of a severe throbbing headache. Her father was told of her sudden illness. When he saw the jewellery beside his daughter, he told her, “My daughter, you are a child of a Faqeer, and as such, this jewellery is a burden to you. If you desire, give it to me and I shall use it to build a House of Allah in Tongaat.” The jewellery was duly sold by Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه and the money used to buy the land where the Musjid presently stands. This piece of ground was transferred to Hadrath Shah Mohamed Hafiz Hussain رضي الله عنه in Trust in 1905.

Eight children were born from this marriage – Abdul Wahab, Goolam Habib, Mohamed Hafiz, Goolam Nizamudeen, Goolam Moinudeen, Mehboob Bi, Waqarunissa and Khairoonissa.

The following served here as Trustees:

Some of the Imaams here were-Hadrath Shah Mohamed Hafiz Hussain Habibi رضي الله عنه and Shah Goolam Mohamed Miajee. Moulana Yusuf is the present Imam. Some of the Muezzins were Dawood Sultan Khan, Sayed Yunoos and Mohamed Hafiz. Abdullah Rajmohamed performed Juma Namaaz. In the early days of Hadrath Shah Hafiz Mohamed Hussain رضي الله عنه , Ashura (Moharrum), Meelad-un-Nabie and Gyarwin Shareef were held annually. Tea was served after Juma Namaaz and meals after Eid Namaaz. He was a trustee from 1905 to 1950, after which members of the congregation were chosen as trustees to administer the institution.

He passed away on 9 December 1950 (Rabi-ul-Awwal 1370) and was buried in the cemetery behind the Mazaar Shareef of his Sheikh (spiritual master) and father-in-law, Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه .