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Colenso is situated in the heart of the Tugela Industrial Basin and right on the banks of the mighty Tugela River. It is about 180 km from Durban on the road to Ladysmith and is famous for its many war graves indicating that this area was once the scenes of battles between the Boers and the British.

In 1908 Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه bought a piece of land in this little town from Ameeroodeen and Goolam Saheb and erected a Musjid which was also used as a Madressa by the very few Muslim families that lived here and in the district around Colenso. In the confines of the Musjid at the back, is a grave which is believed to be that of one of the two Muslim brothers who sold the land to Hadrath Soofie Saheb رضي الله عنه .

Trustees that administered this Khanqah were :-